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Delegates at NPC

Rising From The Ashes: Opening Speech by Nevers Mumba at 1st MMD National Policy Conference

There is no challenge which is insurmountable. MMD has been tried and tested to the hilt over the past two and a half years. It has been a journey for the brave. Contrary to some opponents’ view that the troubles which engulfed us are as a result of weak leadership, students of history have concluded that without a strong and resilient leadership, MMD could have disintegrated within a year.

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Dr Nevers Mumba Addressing the Roundtable1

Repainting A Continent

“This is time to initiate Africa’s most ambitious educational project which should include up-skilling entire communities, all villages, compounds, shanties, suburbs and entire nation states in computer skills for instance. An educational system which highlights our values as a people. An education which is original; An education which does not exhort the Queen of England above our own Zulu King.”

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