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Mr Rupiah Banda

The Truth About the “RB Factor” in the 2015 Presidential Elections

We agree with former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe’s sentiments that old retired leaders must vanish when their time to rule comes to an end and that they ought to have confidence in their people to be able to find new leaders to take over from them. As we feared, former President Rupiah Banda may have tarnished the good reputation which he had built around the world.

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MMD Logo

Democracy And The Rule Of Law: The New Hope MMD

As President of MMD, I am fiercely determined to ensure that the noble values of democracy and the rule of law are maintained and respected in our party. There shall be no short-cuts and no compromises. It was for this reason that our general membership asked me to take up the leadership of the party; to ensure that I fight to keep the honor and integrity of the values of our organization. I shall not disappoint our members.

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